RCD Fault Finding

RCD Fault Finding

Safety Switch problem? We are experts with respect to RCD Fault Finding.  If you need help with an RCD Switch or are experiencing RCD failure, contact Siemax Electrical for immediate help.

A Step by Step Guide to Reset Your Safety Switch / RCD.

Follow these steps to determine what has caused your RCD failure.
This is only recommended if your have switching type circuit breakers in your switchboard. An older board with the white or black re-wirable or cartridge fuses should not be touched as they are generally unsafe to work on and may present a risk of electric shock from exposed live parts.

  • Step 1
    If you have tried to reset your safety switch and it turns off instantly then you will need to unplug EVERY appliance inside your home. The plug needs to be physically removed from the power point, not just turned off at the switch.
    Try to reset your safety switch. If the switch resets and stays on this may indicate a faulty appliance. Plug all your appliances back in one by one until the offending appliance trips the safety switch again. This is the easiest way to isolate a faulty appliance.
    A fridge or air conditioner may trip a safety switch when the compressor starts up on one occasion and may not on another. These faults can be frustrating and quite hard to isolate.
    If the switch will not reset, leave all your appliances unplugged and proceed to step 2.
  • Step 2
    Turn off all your circuit breakers in the switchboard where the safety switch is located.
    Turn on your safety switch. If it still will not reset you will need to call an electrician.
    If it resets OK then proceed to step 3.
  • Step 3
    Turn on your circuit breakers one by one.
    You should find that one will trip the safety switch when turned on.
    Leave this circuit off and keep trying to reset the remaining circuit breakers. The circuit that causes the safety switch to trip will need to be checked by an electrician.
    This method may restore at least some of the power to your home whilst you wait for an electrician and could avoid an expensive call out on a weekend or after hours.
It is advisable to call an electrician to inspect any part of your electrical installation that you may suspect is causing faults with your safety switch.
Safety Switch Problem

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