Switchboard Thermal Imaging

Switchboard Thermal Imaging

Switchboard thermal imaging has become an important part of scheduled maintenance for a wide variety of businesses.

The process involves a photo being taken of switchboards or any part of an electrical installation to identify any heat issues that may be underlying and hidden from regular visual inspections. The image is displayed in a coloured array ranging from the lowest temperature surface in the picture through to the hottest. Values are displayed to give digital readouts of actual surface temperatures that can reveal a host of problems to a trained eye. The benefits are immense when identifying overload conditions that potentially could cause a switchboard fire and shut a business down for hours at massive costs.

A thermal image is non invasive and does not require any power to be shut down during the process.

Our process gives you a printed report showing thermal and digital pictures of all areas assessed with recommendations on how to rectify potential problem areas.

Switchboard Thermal imaging examples

These two images were taken of a switchboard that was suspected of overheating.

Our photos revealed that the circuit breakers were actually operating within normal operating temperatures under full load conditions. The devices were however separated to allow easier heat dissipation and subsequently resulted in lower temperatures in the switchboard.


Siemax will work with you to manage this risk.

Thermal Imaging
This picture is the result of a switchboard overheating to the point where a fire breaks out. The damage and loss of business this can cause is very costly to any business and may be avoided with thermal imaging.
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